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June 12, 1982

Yesterday, I was honored to celebrate and help plan a surprise party for a wonderful couple. I’ve known Jeff and Kelly ever since high school. They have done so much for the community and others that when Ashley asked me if I could do the photography for this event I said yes without hesitation. InContinue reading “June 12, 1982”

Congrats, Ryan!

I first met Ryan as a freshman on campus while I was working in admissions. Immediately, he was polite and mature for his age. When searching for ambassadors for AB to represent the student body for tours, etc. Ryan was one of the first people I thought of, as his boss I saw Ryan exceedContinue reading “Congrats, Ryan!”

Congrats, Jackie!

What is your major? I’m majoring in elementary education which means I’ll be certified to teach kindergarten through sixth grade. Why did you choose that major? I chose it because I’ve always loved working with kids. I went through different options for my major leading up to college, but, ultimately, I knew in my heartContinue reading “Congrats, Jackie!”

From the lens to the frame

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Definitely would recommend working with Quentin!! He’s very professional and awesome to work with.

Brittany McMillion

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