Congrats, Maggie!

April 26, 2022by quentinjmurphy0

I had the opportunity last week to shoot a good friend of mine’s little sister. It so great seeing relationships of your friends trusting you with such a cool experience!

It was great seeing you and I wish you luck and success on everything you do! Learn more about Maggie and what she plans on doing with her new degree!

What is your major?

Behavioral Science with a minor in Health Promotion 

Why did you that type of major?

Honestly, it just seemed the most interesting and I have some background knowledge of people in these fields because of my special needs sister.

Why did you choose Glenville State University?

I signed for Glenville to do Acrobatics and Tumbling, my mother and brother are alumni and I was able to commute and save money.

What do you plan on doing after college?

I plan to pursue my masters, and find a job in the behavioral health field.

What were you favorite memories at Glenville State University?

Favorite memories of college were being on the sidelines for football games, the close friendships I’ve made along the way, sporting events, and the student activities we have available on campus. Like karaoke nights, foam parties, laser tag etc. 

Maggie will officially graduate on May 7th at the Waco Center in Glenville at 10:00 am!

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