Congrats, Tori!

April 26, 2022by quentinjmurphy0

What is your major?
Bachelors of Science in Medical Imaging 

Why did you choose that major?

I choose this degree because I knew I wanted to work in healthcare, but nursing seemed too over whelming with a lot of responsibility. Once I shadowed radiology I knew that was the career for me. I started the program wanting to be a sonographer, but quickly realized I enjoyed x-ray and MRI much more. 

Why did you choose Marshall?

Marshall was my choice of college because it wasn’t too far away from home. There is a Marshall branch in my hometown where I could take all my general classes and still live at home. That’s when I realized that would be the best choice for me. 

What do you plan on doing after graduating?

I recently accepted a job in MRI at Cabell Huntington Hopital. My plans are to take my x-ray boards and my MRI boards after graduation and continue to further my knowledge in MRI. There are thoughts of getting my masters in healthcare administration in a few years to maybe teach at a facility in the future. 

What is your favorite memory at Marshall?

My favorite memory in college is all the new friends I had the opportunity to meet in my program. Those people are going to be some of my life long friends. 

Tori will officially graduate this Saturday at 2 pm! Congrats and good luck!

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