Featured WV Photographer: Darin Taylor

June 17, 2021by quentinjmurphy0

The older I get the more I realize how precious certain relationships can be. As a photographer we tell stories and sometimes we forget about the other artists we work along with.

These are there stories, ENJOY!

Tell us a little about you…

Hi, my name is Darin Taylor, I’m a 21 year old photographer from Webster County, West Virginia. Photography is my full time job and I’m very thankful that I get to do what I love. I’m completely self taught when it comes to my craft and I’ve been doing photography for about four years now!

What type of photography do you do most? And what do you enjoy most and why?

My main focus with photography would probably be senior photos and creative portraits! I’m really good at blending my social media feeds! For the most part everyone on my feed looks professional with my favorite poses and lighting. Creative portraits hold a special place in my heart, probably because I use my art to cope with situations that reflect with what I’m going through.

What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you?

The most challenging part about being a photographer for me is probably that I’m super hard on myself.

I spend a lot of my time thinking I’m not good enough or that my art shouldn’t go outside my camera. Some days I just sit and compare my work to everyone else’s which never ends well.

Describe your photographic style? How did you develop your style?

My style of photography could be described as “bright”. I’m someone who loves color, I think my style was developed form my personality! I have a very colorful personality and I’m very sassy. So, of course my photos give off sassy vibes.

Describe a typical day in the life of you…

My life is kind of all over the place! If I’m not out shooting I’m at home planning shoots.
Or reaching out to new models. I’m also always listening to music because its what inspires me the most.

What is your best photography tip?

Always shoot in RAW!!

What was your scariest moment as a photographer?

The scariest experience I’ve had as a photographer was forgetting my camera battery at home!

Favorite photographer to follow right now and why?

Kelsey Maggart, shes the most talented person I know. She’s always been supportive and kind.

Place you want to shoot on your photography bucket list and why?

My dream location would probably be somewhere in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s so beautiful there.

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