Featured WV Photographer: Miranda Browning

May 25, 2021by quentinjmurphy0

The older I get the more I realize how precious certain relationships can be. As a photographer we tell stories and sometimes we forget about the other artists we work along with.

These are their stories, ENJOY!

Tell us a little about you…

What type of photography do you do most? And what do you enjoy most and why?

Portraits/Boudoir is what I’m booked for the most and what I enjoy the most as well! I love helping women feel confident and sexy in their own skin. My goal is to help them feel and see how beautiful they all truly are! I always get so excited when I see a clients face light up when I show them images during a session!! Makes my heart so happy. It also helped me step out of my comfort-zone and try something different! I love to just create, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. It’s fun, sticking to that first love is what make its great! 

What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you?

Honestly, making sure I don’t over work myself. I’m a workaholic; it’s hard for me not to be doing something. My husband, Jb, really helps with my schedule to make sure I’m not going to be running on empty. I deal with certain mental health issues and if I’m constantly overwork myself I will hit a wall and just stop working completely! Super thankful to have him on my team! 

Describe your photographic style? How did you develop your style?

I don’t think I would necessarily say I have one specific style. I have a lot of different interests in my personal life so I like to play around with different styles for sure. Currently, I’m loving warm almost film like imagery. BUT I also love editorial photos. Anything with super cool makeup and crazy hair I’m into too. I tend to take inspiration from whatever speaks to me. That could be a song, movie, another photographer it’s just depends really! 

Describe a typical day in the life of you…

Most days I’m wake up at the last minute and head to work. I’m currently a part time respite for a family member of mine. While I’m there, I work on editing some photos and talking with potential clients. Once I’m off, I’m either heading to a session or going to Starbucks for some fuel. After that I’m either with my hubs or friends! 

What is your best photography tip?

Best advice I’ve ever received was.. “Just do the damn thing and stop worrying about what everyone else will think.”

If your gut is telling you to do something, just do it. It’s right most of the time! Don’t be afraid to try something new! 

What was your scariest moment as a photographer?

So this isn’t necessarily the scariest moment I’ve had as a photographer more like the SCARIEST moment I’ve had EVER. It was during a surprise engagement session I had. It was at Athena Farms and Vineyard in Beckley. I was sitting up by a bush wait for my clients to pull in and out of nowhere I start to hear this loud grunting. I turn around and there is a huge black bear running towards the wooded area. It was about 10 feet from me. I was absolutely terrified thinking I was going to be mauled to death. Craziest story ever! 

Favorite photographer to follow right now and why?

@itsthreesixty!! His work is absolutely amazing. I love how vibrant and different every shoot he has is. Super inspired by him. 

Place you want to shoot on your photography bucket list and why?

I’m going to be basic and say the salt flats in Utah. It looks so dreamy and other worldly! Also, NYC! I feel like I lived there in another life. I’ll be making my first trip to NYC this year so be prepared for some content! 

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