June 12, 1982

June 18, 2022by quentinjmurphy0

Yesterday, I was honored to celebrate and help plan a surprise party for a wonderful couple. I’ve known Jeff and Kelly ever since high school. They have done so much for the community and others that when Ashley asked me if I could do the photography for this event I said yes without hesitation.

In high school, I was either always at their house or at a game after school regardless they were always kind and welcoming. During my Junior year, I was actually unable to purchase my varsity jacket and they took it upon themselves to purchase it for me. It may have not seem like a big thing to some people but it has always been a core memory for me that I will never forget.

Celebrating 40 years this year is not only a great accomplishment with their marriage but it goes to show how strong their love for each other truly is.

Here are just a few sneaks of this beautiful family! 💜✨

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