Tim & Cheyenne

September 7, 2021by quentinjmurphy0

I first met Tim in college when I went to Glenville State College back in 2011-16. During that time Tim was always a great guy to be around and overall just a guy you could trust. So naturally it makes sense that he found the perfect counterpart, Cheyenne.

This beautiful couple spent the whole session laughing at each other and it was easy to get so many great shots of them. They picked the venue, Brown Oaks located in Summersville, WV.

Owned by the City of Summersville, The impressive Brown Oaks historic property offers both intimate gatherings to large scale entertaining. The 1923 Dr. Flavius H. Brown House is centrally located in downtown Summersville and is an outstanding example of Colonial Revival Architecture. The property contains three rentable areas for either half or full day engagements to fit your needs.

The venue is quite popular and can accommodate a variety of functions, from birthday parties, bridal showers, and  weddings to business meetings, training seminars, and co-workers luncheons, you decide. It provides the perfect ambiance for those special “first time” events in life. The casual elegance of the facility makes everyone feel at home, yet more than a little bit pampered. Make it yours for the day or a weekend and make a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Interestingly enough this wasn’t my first time at this venue, I recently attended a wedding there in 2019 around the same time so I was able to feel very comfortable with the lighting.

Most recently, one of my favorites poses as you can see below is when the woman will sit on top of the man. This provides a close and intimate shot that you don’t see often. In my opinion, I think photographers sometimes forget the “who” and “why” they are photographing this certain session. Positions like this shows the more intimate moments in a relationship. 9/10 times these shots will be amazing. The light was working perfectly for us, however, I wanted to do an out of focus shot. Ideally, the shot was more to generate that they were lost in the moment and everything else around them is in focus. These shots can be super close or as you can see in the galleries below shot farther back at a distance. However, I still used a 50mm 1.4 for these.


For closer portrait shots, I shot with the 50mm 1.4. However, looking more into an 80lens to shoot more versatile during theses types of shoots. During this day it was currently 90 degrees at 5:30 pm. Everything to expect during an August evening. So both subjects had two outfits. The tones went well in editing due to the abundance of green in the location and the darker greens after the sun left still leaving that perfect golden glow.

Tim & Cheyenne will be getting married on June 25, 2022, so save the date.

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